Friday, May 28, 2010

Insipred by little finds 2

Several weeks ago I wrote about finding little things in my craft room and challenging myself to make things with them. Well this week I found a pack of these cute little wooden creatures and challenged myself to create with them. I recall buying these about three years ago at a craft fair and them being put in a container with many other embellishments of which I forget about.
I was also very excited my my recent Cuttlebug machine purchase so was keen on using it to emboss the paper of the cards with lots of patterns. I was able to come up with these 8 very colourful little cards. I look forward to continuing this challenge next week and cleaning out all of my goodies!

Inspired by Buttons

There are so many sizes, colours and styles of buttons around and of course I have my fair share scattered around my craft room. Time to do something with them! I have used them to create number cards. I have always wanted to do some cards with ages on them so buttons were the perfect thing to use. Let me know what you think!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Inspired by May MMM...

I had the pleasure of having a stall again at last weekends Maribyrnong Makers Market. The weather was kind to us and I was lucky enough to enjoy the sun and chat with the many locals who came down.

Thank you to those who ordered a frame at the market. They are becoming a popular purchase for the many babies that are being born in the Yaraville and Seddon areas.
I love being able to make cards to compliment the frames also. Below is a order from the lovely Emma for a new baby Claudia who recently was born. A card was made to match the frame and welcome the baby into the word. The other frames that I made from this market can all be viewed in the Frame Gallery.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Inspired by that little extra touch.

My partner wanted to give his mum a recent family photo as a Mother's Day gift. I couldn't just put the photo in the frame and give it to her... That's just not me! I thought there could be something done to the frame to make it a little more personal. So I cut out the letters to spell family in some cardstock and drew white lines around each letter to give it a stitched like finish. Then I added the flowers to the corner of the frame which were secured by brads. These were two simple things to add to the frame to make it that extra special!
Hope this gives you a tip when next giving someone a framed photo.

Inspired by thank you cards

Here are the cards I have made for my family and friends to say thank you for the gifts and wishes we have recently received for our engagement. I know how nice it is to get a handmade card so I was adamant in making something for everyone. But I also needed to keep it simple as I had over 40 to make!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Inspired by little finds

For those of my fellow crafters reading this, then you will understand what I am talking about. My study/craft room is what only can be described as organised mess. Boxes, containers, drawers of various papers, stamps and embellishments. I pretty much know where everything is, well except when I am in a rush and that important last piece is nowhere to be found. Yesterday I was looking for something and I came across these cute little bottles. I cant even remember buying them so they have probably been sitting amongst the clutter for years. It then gave me the challenge of using them. I went with a nice simple baby card and used the colour of the top of the bottle for the base and worked from there. I looked forward to sharing more challenges I have given myself when I find more treasures amongst my junk!

Inspired by Japenese Papers

I love that there are so many beuatiful papers out there that can be used to create so many different types of cards. I have a wonderful friend that has bought me papers back from Japan over the years and I thought I would share some of the latest cards I have made with them.

The below photo uses a tissue like paper with the patterns through it. Over time I have tried to use it in a variety of ways but I think the cards I created below are my favourite so far. It is such a delecite paper and I have to be so careful when cutting it!

The cards below have used other designs of Japanese papers. They are always full of great colours and patterns and there are endless ways they can be used to create cards.


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