Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Inspired by other crafters...

I am a fan of a group on Facebook called The Contemporary Handmade Alliance (CHA). It is a great page where the many are people like me can go to ask questions and get assistance with our various crafting endevours. I also like seeing what other people are making. I really like to support other people that have tried to start their own little business and try and buy gifts from their online stores.
Recently CHA put a call out to those that wanted to participate in a swap. I belive there was around 80 people that put their hand up and we all were emailed the name and webpage of one other maker.
I was given Megan from Handmade Treasures. I emailed her and she told me she loved orange and blues, so I set about making a frame with her business name on it. The creation is shown below. I look forward to hearing back from her and seeing if she liked it. Perhaps Megan you can send me a photo of it up on your wall!

I shall post a photo of what I receive when it arrives.
The Contemporary Handmade Alliance group also has a blog that can be found here

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