Friday, July 22, 2011

Inspired by the last month or two....

Well, where has the month of June and July gone? Since my last post in May, it has been really busy in the Inspired by Paper headquarters. The break from markets hasn't slowed down the orders and still there is a wait of at least a week on orders.

I had a couple of custom orders in May. Firstly there was one for Ella Rose. Her family have a British heritish and are fond of elephants, so along with a few other requests, i was able to put the below frame together.

Another one that I made was for the arrival of little Jake. I really like this one and look forward to making some more of these for the markets. It is still the blues and reds which is the popular boys colour, but then there is the black in there aswell. Lots of areoplanes are around the frame along with the clouds.

In May I shared with you the Geelong footy club frame I made. That has become popular and I have had to make a few more since then! The below Sebastian one is another Geelong one which is a slight variation on the original one. It was definately a hit!

Several months ago I made a frame for Patrick and it was based on his room colours and a selection of animals. I have recently had two of my neighbours see the photo of that frame and ordered one for gifts. Below is the finished product. It is a slight variation to the original one.

So apart from all of these ones, I have made a lot of exisiting designs. Butterflies, Ladybugs, trains and areoplanes!

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