Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The first blog!

Well it is time that I get with the times and join all the others with the blogs! I hope I will be able to keep you all updated with what is happening in the Stampin Up! world. I will post the latest specials and of course the next workshops that are happening.

I will start by thanking those that came to the July workshop last weekend. A great afternoon of weaving, embossing and punching (paper that is!). For those that missed out, here is one of the cards we created.
This card was very popular on the weekend at the Yarraville market. I had a stall there and owls must be in fashion at the moment as all my owl cards were the first to sell! There was a large demand for baby cards too so I need to start getting creative and thinking of new cards.
That's all from me for today. I shall keep you all updated.

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