Sunday, July 4, 2010

Inspired by my man...

I was engaged early this year and are busy planning the wedding for January. Our house is full of photos of family and friends and I wanted to add a creation of me and my other half. The photo below shows now what is on the wall of our living room. After it was up I said to him, "do you like the new piece I hung in the living room?", He said, "I didn't notice it". Mmmm, perhaps the fact that the tv is in the opposite corner of the room so his eyes only go one way! Oh well.

It is done on what is called a printers tray. It was done with the help of Julie from Scraptacular. The ideas are now going around my head about what I could do with our wedding photos. I have actually bought a large antique printers tray off ebay and will come up with something for that. But I think I need to plan the actual wedding first before I think of being creative with the photos!

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  1. That's amazing Kasey!!! You should do a work shop for all of us that need help in the creative department. We can bring photo's of our other halfs & try to make a materpiece like yours!! I'll bring the wine x



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