Saturday, July 24, 2010

Inspired by Cancer...

As a Daffodil Day volunteer each year, I get mail about the Cancer Council Arts Awards. I always look at it and think that I cant draw or paint nor can I write a good story, so I push it aside and think that I can't enter. This year when it came I thought, perhaps I should give it a go in what I can do best. That is use paper. So after a lot of thought, I decided to enter. The theme this year was Lost and Found and the idea is to express your experiences in a creative way through either visual art, poerty, film or short story.
The frame below is what I came up with. It is full of lots of squares of what people have found during their concer experience such as Hope, Courage, Strength, Embrace. There is one square missing. It is the square of the cure as this is yet to be found.
Along with this frame, I had to write a piece on what it meant to
me, however I would like to keep that to myself.

Unfortunately, I was not sucessful in winning in my category but I was really happy to complete this artwork. Currently the winning entries and some other handpicked entries are on display at 120 Collins st (the foyer of the building). So if you are in the area, you should stop by as there are some great pieces as well as short stories to read. My work is on display in the visual art book on the desk with all the other entries and my name is amongst those on a large poster in the foyer.

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