Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inspired by new babies...

Heather from Babies and Kids recently asked for some baby shower cards as there appears to be a baby boom in the area and they are in high demand! Baby shower cards are a little hard to get right- most people don't know the sex of the baby so they have to be rather neutral. And then the wording on the front of the card needs to be considered. "Congratulations' didn't seem to be appropriate as the baby hasn't arrived yet. So I have gone with "best wishes" along with "the best is yet to be" and then have left one blank. I'm happy with using the pregnancy silhouette on the front of the cards and feel it makes it clearly a card for a baby shower. I created this silhouette for a baby shower invitation I did last year and have since gone on to use it for many creations. I look forward to getting feedback from Babies and Kids to see if they sell and what people say.

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