Sunday, May 1, 2011

Inspired by Donna Hay...

I always use this blog to write about what I have been creating with paper whether it be cards, frames, birthday books. I want to start to change it up a bit and start to include more about what else inspires me, who inspires me or just what else I have been doing!
I will start it off with my purchase of the latest Donna Hay magazine. I had told myself that I need to not buy anymore magazines or cook books. I have far too much. Way too much actually. And I don't seem to use many of them. Actually it has been a while since I have used any of them. I used to love finding new things to cook for dinner, but the hours of my 'real job' and trying to keep up with Inspired by Paper orders, the time in the kitchen is limited. Sorry, I am getting sidetracked. Back to Donna Hay. It stood out to me in the supermarket as it had one of my favourite things on the front... Donuts. Yes, it contains recipes of a selection of donut recipes. Each one I read and licked my lips. Filled with jam, filled with custard, filled with chocolate. Oh which one would I cook?
Well last weekend I had a family member staying from interstate and she too spotted the magazine and got excited. We decided to go with the traditional jam donuts. It definitely took a lot longer than we realised. We couldn't help but have a laugh when the first step was to put some ingredients in a bowl and leave it for something like 40 minutes. So it was back to the couch for a while. The final product can be seen below. When I comment on the taste, I can say that they were nice. Not the greatest when compared to the Footscray station donuts (local readers will know exactly what I am talking about) but they were still worth the effort and they were all consumed.

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