Sunday, May 1, 2011

Inspired by who is actually reading this....

So I recently saw that I had over 2000 blog hits. Yay!! But then it got me thinking... Who are all these readers? I therefore went on my Stat Counter- a page I dont visit often enough. Here I can see things like what web page you came from, how long you were on the page and what suburb your computer is in. But it doesn't tell me who you are. I can see your IP address but that doesn't tell me your name. I saw that there is someone in Hoppers Crossing that has looked at my page 193 times. Who are you mystery visitor?
Have you stumbled here accidently and quickly moved on to the next page? Have you come here from a link from a market I am attending? I often wonder about the people that visit so frequently if they come to get inspired by my products and perhaps make their own... I am always wondering.
So if you have come to this page and are reading this post (and not come to look at the pictures) it would be great for you to leave a comment and let me know who you are and why you like to visit my page.
Thanks for sharing....

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  1. Hi Kasey, My name is Andrea and I am from Sydney. Whilst surfing the web I stumbled on the piccadilly markets website. I have been going through and looking at all the wonderful stallholders webpages. I haven't had a good look at your work yet as I got stuck on your curiousity of who is watching you. Well all the best for the future.



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