Friday, August 26, 2011

Inspired by babies arrival....

It is so exciting when I have friends who have a baby and of course when the baby is born, I like to try and have the best card on the shelf! I thought I would show you some cards I have done in the last year that have incorporated the babies name.

When Samuel was born and become a new addition to our street, I was quite happy to make cards for all the other neighbours to give the family. Fortunately I had 6 people able to give a card- one for each letter of the name. Each day a new letter arrived until finally the whole name was received.

This was also done when friend Sarah had little Alec recently. There were three other uni friends so straight away I made us each a card with a letter and sent them out. I actually can't find that photo at the moment but will add if it shows up.

Last year I also used the babies full names for cards. The cards below show the name spread across the three cards and I was able to give out to other friends to give.

It is great to see the looks on the mothers faces when receiving the cards. So if you know someone who has had a baby then I would be happy to do something similar for you!

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